North Atlantic Soundscapes  - Celtic Harp & Nordic Fiddle


Angelika Nielsen   fiddle, viola
Thomas Loefke     Celtic harp

                                                                        photo:Helmut Wilhelm

The Norðan CD is out now on Tutl and Laika records.

Islands in the North Atlantic inspire the music of the duo Norðan, Tory Island in the Northwest of Ireland, the Hebridean Island of Staffa, the Shetlands, Lofoten in the East, Iceland in the North and right in the middle: the Faroe Islands.

Originally these 18 islands were settled by Irish monks, then the Vikings took over. Dramatic coastal landscapes with cliffs, many hundreds of meters high, lush valleys, fjords and lakes set the mood on the islands. Light, colours and weather change by the minute on these mountains in the sea habitated by 50 0000 people, 80 000 sheep and millions of birds.

Faroese violinist Angelika Nielsen and harpist Thomas Loefke combine in their soundscapes their own compositions with music from the Faroes and Ireland.

The music is accompanied by a slide show with photographs Thomas took during his island travels.

With violin, harp and pictures the two musicians take their audiences on a breathtaking adventurous journey to the North Atlantic.

Angelika Nielsen is the Faroe Island's number one traditional fiddle player. With deep roots in the musical tradition of her home country she also feels at home in jazz and classical music. After growing up in a musical family, she studied music in Reykjavik and Copenhagen. With her band "Kvonn" ("Angelika" in the faroese language), the Faroese Symphony Orchestra, with the Jazz formation Yggdrasil, with Aldubaran, with Norland Wind or as a solo artist she has toured all the Scandinavian countries, the USA, Australia, Japan, Greenland, Germany and Hungary. Her latest CD: Dimun.

Thomas Loefke learnt his trade in Dublin from Ireland's leading harp players - Máire Ní Cháthasaigh, Helen Davies and Áine Ní Dhúill. Since 1984 he has been playing professionally and has won several international prizes, including first prize at the O'Carolan Harp Festival in Keadue. In 1992 he recorded his first album. The 2nd album Norland Wind followed 1996, released by the Irish top class label Celtic Heartbeat. Besides his work with Norland Wind, he also tours with Riverdance violinist Máire Breatnach, Cello/guitar-duo Acoustic Eidolon, pianist Lutz Gerlach, and as a soloist.

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North Atlantic Bridge Festival

An evening with: Norðan, Máire Breatnach, Acoustic Eidolon

Máire Breatnach vocals, fiddle

Angelika Nielsen fiddle
Hannah Alkire violoncello, vocals
Joe Scott
double–neck guitjo, guitar, vocals
Thomas Loefke
Celtic harp

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